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British singer-songwriter Stephanie O’s musical journey began in her hometown of London, with curiosity paving the way for a path full of adventure. Inspired by artists who, before her, felt the attraction of Paris calling, she ventured out to create a new canvas and give free rein to her creativity. After bidding farewell to her time spent singing harmony in Michael Bublé’s favorite swing-pop band: The Puppini Sisters, she opened a new chapter as a solo artist.

Thanks to a long period of musical development and the desire to diversify, she has given herself carte blanche, collaborating with a wide range of musicians on different projects: from writing with Tom Baxter [Shirley Bassey, Charlie Winston] to creating a jazz/mini-orchestra soundtrack entirely improvised set to silent film, staged at the iconic Barbican concert hall, London. Her curiosity for the unknown and her desire to stretch herself as an artist led her in a new direction.

Her debut single ‘Woman Oh’ was the vibrant soundtrack to those early days in Paris. Drawing influence from her jazz roots, it is a mix of joie de vivre with a touch of reckless abandon. Her launch saw her perform with new collaborators and friends at the Palais de Tokyo in a setting she has always dreamed of. Her second single ‘Roses’ produced by Peter Lyons [L.A Salami, Kal Lavelle] shows a glimpse of an artist who is in touch with herself and what moves her. Its lyrical simplicity unveils a heavier subject: war-torn Aleppo. The piano is lively and the energetic bass give together a sense of hope and momentum.

This momentum continues to propel Stephanie towards new projects. She recently worked as a guest contributor with London cultural magazine ‘Le Document’. A series of postcards (physical and musical) sent from her new home of Montmartre. Drawing on her stories and experiences of life in Paris going from routine the unexpected, each postcard is an opportunity to discover something new.

Stephanie is currently working on a new project, with a planned release in 2022, which embodies all that she is and celebrates all that is to come.

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